All ears outside the restaurant!

Thanks Tanya!

Taking it easy, watching the people working with the store.

Thanks Ina!

When you’re not allowed in, having a friend as company becomes all the more important.

Thanks Anita!

Man’s most faithful friend. Waiting.

Thanks Ljuba!

A wink from the dog with the orange-brown tail, waiting outside with his eye-toy as company (just in case human takes a bit too long).

Thanks Olia!

Winner of the “dogs waiting in berlin Picture Vote #95”

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Thanks Steff!

In Berlin, even the dogs are waiting for the 2014 Weltmeister merchandise!

Thanks Johannes!

Looking a bit tired, but still on the lookout. Who knows what goodies might emerge from the Sp├Ąti?

Thanks Ina!

So much better to be waiting free and without leash, than being tied to the wall…

Thanks Ljuba!

Dog at the flea market, wearing a flea collar.

Thanks Eva!