In Berlin, even the dogs are waiting for the 2014 Weltmeister merchandise!

Thanks Johannes!

Looking a bit tired, but still on the lookout. Who knows what goodies might emerge from the Sp├Ąti?

Thanks Ina!

So much better to be waiting free and without leash, than being tied to the wall…

Thanks Ljuba!

Dog at the flea market, wearing a flea collar.

Thanks Eva!

No wait is too long when you’re waiting for chocolate.

Thanks Alena!

Waiting in line… they’re sure taking their time at the front!

Accumulation of black/white furriness, faithfully waiting by the supermarket door.

Thanks Daniel!

"Hello there, little friend. Who are you waiting for?"

Thanks Tanya for the submission!

There’s something really interesting happening over there, but at the same time this passageway is dark and pretty scary…

Thanks Roy for the submission!

Just borrowing the comfy wheelchair for a bit, while human sits down in the subway cart…

Thanks Hayley for the submission!